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While it’s becoming ever-easier to find gluten-free options while traveling, they’re not always simple to locate when you touch down in a strange city. Our guide to some of the best gluten-free dining in Rome should make your holiday more relaxing and easier to navigate. The first seven options on our list all have separate gluten-free kitchens, while the remaining five have celiac-friendly options on the menu that you might want to try out. Happy hunting!

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Our Favorite 12 Gluten-Free Restaurants

1. Mama Eat Trastevere (Via di S. Cosimato, 7; Tel. +39 065806222)

Located in pretty Trastevere, Mama Eat, which has a sister restaurant in Naples, is recognized by the Italian Association for Celiacs (AIC) and takes gluten-free options very seriously. The restaurant offers an extensive menu – from antipasti including bruschetta to a wide range of pasta dishes, inspired by both Roman and Neapolitan cuisine. Tasty fish pasta options include linguine with lobster and tomatoes, while main courses range from typical lamb-meat skewers to hamburgers and seared tuna. Everything is offered with or without gluten; expect a small extra charge where special ingredients have been used.

2. Tulipano Nero (Via Roma Libera 15, Piazza San Cosimato; Tel +39 065806128)

Situated in one of the prettiest squares in charming Trastevere, Tulipano Nero is chiefly a pizzeria that also offers pasta dishes, meat, and fish second courses, salads, and vegetable sides. Look out too for its typical Roman fritti – crunchy tempura style vegetables – bruschette with varied toppings – as well as a full range of desserts. Everything on the menu is also offered gluten-free – expect to pay around €1 more for the celiac-friendly version.

3. Mangiafuoco (Via Chiana 37; Tel +39 0685357255)

Located in a posh residential district in north Rome, you will probably need a taxi to get here. Populated largely by locals, Mangiafuoco offers gluten-free pizza and a selection of gluten-free beer on tap, as well as typical fried goodies. There are also meat options and a full range of celiac-friendly desserts. In the summer, you can sit on outside tables on a pleasant terrace, but it turns into a cellar restaurant in the winter. Take-away pizza is available if you’re just passing through.

4. Il Viaggio (Via Isonzo, 14; +39 0697997043)

Another restaurant specializing in gluten-free options in the Villa Borghese area, Il Viaggio prides itself for catering to a variety of cases of food intolerance. Its refined menu ranges from vegetable, meat, and fish pasta dishes to second courses of fish and meat, including fillet steak and quail. Look out for degustation menus and – if you really enjoy yourself – you can even book a cookery course here in your own language!

5. Il Cavaliere (Piazza Augusto Lorenzini 11; Tel +39 065515981)

This popular pizzeria in the Portuense district of town is completely off the tourist track. Designed for gluten-free dining, expect gluten-free antipasti as well as gluten-free pizzas made in the traditional Roman style, with a thin and crispy base. Pasta dishes are also available, in the rustic Roman tradition, with options for celiac diners. Booking is recommended as the prices are on the low side, and it gets pretty full

6. La Soffita Renovatio (Piazza del Risorgimento 46/A,  Tel +39 0668892977)

This charming basement restaurant, located in the Vatican district, offers gluten-free dining in the shape of great pizzas and pasta. Try, too, their tasty risotto dishes, gnocchi or cannoli. With an excellent wine list and friendly staff, you should feel right at home. It’s also close to public transport options which should make getting there a breeze.

7. Voglia di Pizza (Via dei Giubbonari 33, Tel +39 06 687 5293)

This centrally located, casual dining option has outdoor tables, just a stone’s throw from Campo de’ Fiori. Probably more suitable for a quick lunch than a leisurely dinner, expect fried goodies, bruschette, salads, antipasti, pasta, and pizza. Celiac diners are well taken care of and you’re minutes from some great tourist attractions, in pleasant side-streets

8.  Origano (Via di Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, 25/26, Tel +39 0669920907; Largo dei Chiavari, 83/84 Tel +390668808074)

This popular restaurant has two locations – one near the Trevi fountain and one near Campo de’ Fiori, with respect to the above addresses. Offering celiac-friendly options, the wide menu includes gluten-free pasta as well as arrays of salads, risotto coffee, and desserts.

9. Il Bacaro (Via degli Spagnoli 27, Tel +39 06 6872554)

This centrally located restaurant specializing in Roman cuisine has a laid-back atmosphere at lunch and is pleasantly formal in the evenings. A quiet, romantic haven not far from the city’s major monuments, look out for sensational pasta courses as well as sumptuous tartare dishes featuring salmon and tuna. Il Bacaro also features an impressive wine list and excellent desserts and offers gluten-free pasta when requested at the time of booking

10. 3quarti (Via Attilio Regolo 21-23; Tel +39 0645478764)

Charming restaurant 3quarti in Prati prides itself on caring for customers with all kinds of allergies, so ask for the celiac options. Expect a mix of traditional and fusion food, from wok-fried vegetables to sea-bass and sea-bream, pasta dishes, and meat-based second courses. The restaurant frequently manages to source fresh truffles which feature on this imaginative menu. Consult the friendly staff for their recommendations and the dish of the day.

11. Il Secchio e l’Olivaro (Via del Porto Fluviale 3, tel +39 065745897)

The gloriously oversized pizzas here are designed to be shared – one deep-pan pizza serves four. So it’s ok to order a half or even a quarter portion, allowing everyone at the table to choose their favorite topping. Gluten-free pizza bases and beers are available amongst an excellent selection of local craft brews. We recommend arriving early to get a table.

12. Mama Frites (Vicolo De’ Cinque 42. Tel. +39 065817692; Borgo Pio 28, Tel. +39 0683513906)

This street food chain – with one location in Trastevere, and another near the Vatican – offers gluten-free fast food amongst its baked and fried goodies. The menu is vast – offering everything from panini to chips, deep-fried rice balls, pasta dishes such as lasagne and sweet ring donuts, and apple fritters. A surprisingly good choice of drinks – including wine and gluten-free beer – round out the selection.

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